Prep For Your Players

What do I mean by this?

I often see people posting about the worlds they are designing. The gods and organisations, the races, and settlements. This is all well and good. But ask yourself, it is truly useful?

I’ve made many worlds in my time. When I first started DM’ing I did what most do; I created grand settings with rich lore and continent maps, detailing the races and gods and everything in between. But I discovered that games in these worlds rarely lasted long. The reason? I was focused on the story I wanted to tell, not my players.

At the end of the day, roleplaying games aren’t about the world you’ve created, Or even the epic story you’ve written. Its about your players, their goals, and their ambitions.

So when your preping your next session, ask yourself the following:

“Am I allowing my players to carry out their plans? Or am I funnelling them to intersect with mine?

Truly great games and game masters are those who focus on their players and make the story about their characters.