About Me

Coming from a conservative religious background. I spent much of my time in church and around other churchgoers. I first learned about Dungeons and Dragons here. But then It was a tool of the devil.

Many years later, I once again came into contact with the game. This time with the 4e Essentials box. I was a terrible DM.

I began playing Pathfinder on Roll 20 with some gamer buddies. We’d play every Monday for well over a year. It was some of the greatest gaming I’ve done and left me with the DMs itch.

Several campaigns later. I’ve come to really respect the old ways of Dm’ing with minimal prep. Now I spend far less time prepping and more time actually playing the game.

How is this possible you might ask? I really put it down to two people. Matt Coville (MCDM) and Jim Murphy (Game Methuselah). Their videos really transformed my gaming and made me want to pass on that knowledge.

The minimalist DM principle led me to start making my Instant Adventures and ultimately a goal of making game prep easier for new and old DM’s alike.